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Work on impactful, world class projects utilizing some of today's most in-demand technologies


Participate in both team-based and individual projects that utilize skills you have and help you develop skills that make you more marketable.


Learn from working professionals while broadening your understanding about engineering & business


Get assistance modifying your resume, improving your interviewing skills, and finding a job.

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At some point every band has had an argument about tempo.  Everyone accuses the drummer of playing too fast or too slow while the drummer insists that they held a steady beat.  The Drum Reference Meter tries to solve that problem.   By sensing the drummer's Beats per Minute off of the snare drum and displaying the BPM so the entire band can see it - everyone knows if they are playing at the right tempo and the band can focus on the music instead of the argument.​

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Using Machine Learning we are creating a Facial Recognition program that is able to detect who you know and who you don't know.  Once your train the model with your friends and family it can be used in home security systems, video applications and unlocking (or locking) different devices.  Once you know who it is, you can determine the appropriate response.

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We're building an obstacle avoidance robot using a LIDAR, Jetson Nano, PWM board and motor encoders.  The first prototype is working and we are enhancing the algorithms to improve performance.  We should be driving around a neighborhood near you any day now.

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We've created an app that lets customers order fresh, organic produce directly from local Farmers.  The mobile app allows customers to complete their order in 3 easy steps and the produce is delivered directly to their doorstep!



Typically Supply Chain databases a broken into a variety of modules each designed to address a specific issue or portion of the Supply Chain.  To have a model that encompasses the entire supply chain from supplier to customer is cost prohibitive for small and medium sized business.  We've designed a database that is easy to maintain and tells you what you need to order and when to keep your business humming. 



Transamerica was a 2003 Mensa Select board game recipient.  It's a challenging game for 2 to 6 players.  We've created a computer app that simulates all the complexities of Transamerica.  Now you hone your strategies against a variety of BOTs before you take on your friends.

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Why not hire the best?  Infinite Options Graduates and current team members have all been working on cutting-edge projects and have the real world experience that will make them successful in your company.

Drop us a line and let us know the skills you are looking for.  It's very likely we can refer you to someone within our ranks who can hit the ground running!

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If you feel your career would benefit from real world experience or if you want to work with some of the latest technologies in a safe, supportive environment then send us your resume and tell us what you are interested in. 


We work with a limited number of people, but if you have the desire and are willing to put in the work we'll see what we can do to work together. 


Do you have more work than people?  We can help.  Give us an intact project and we'll assign a team to help you get the job done.  We've tackled Hardware, Software and Integration projects.  Plus you'll be helping train the workforce of the future by engaging us in products that make a difference.


Use the Get In Touch form below and let us know how we can help. 




Video Table of Contents

00:33    Overview
00:59    Motivation to Start Infinite Options
02:08    Inspiration for Logo and Name
03:15    Training
06:01    Current Projects (as of Aug 2019)
12:50    People
13:56    Continuity within Projects
14:41    Success Stories
17:20    Graduates
21:12    Website
24:20    A Non-Traditional Company

Project Caitlin

00:00    Introduction
00:12    Caitlin's Story
00:39    The Goal
01:16    Starting

01:36    Retain - Recall - Interpret
01:15    Brainstorming
02:25    Delivering the Watch & Phone
02:49    Testing Hardware

03:07    Caitlin's Request
04:25    Next Steps


Ultimate Software 2020 Conference

00:00    Why We Do It
00:30    Introduction
00:50    Time and Memory
01:44    This Makes Sense

03:00    Where Do You Start?

03:24    Retain - Recall - Interpret

04:26    How Does Caitlin Know ...?

04:45    The Application

05:58    "How We Did This" Video